Most Expensive Mobile Phones In 2013

Expensive phone models are fun. They are phone designs that are limited editions. A phone company will only make a few hundred of them, which are then sold to the super rich to use as talking points. Ironically, because the devices are very limited editions, they quickly lose a lot of value which then re-grows over time as the device is pushed further into history. The phones listed on this article are limited edition phones where only a small few were made in the world, and where their price tag is restrictive for all but 10% of the American population.

Expensive Mobiles of 2013

iPhone Princess Plus

The name of this iPhone is derived from all of the diamonds embedded within it. It has a total 318 diamonds embedded into it, and lots of them are princess cut diamonds (hence the name). Actually, if you take a close look at it, you will see that there are 180 brilliant cut diamonds and 138 princess cut diamonds. It is also smothered in 18ct white gold.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot
$1 Million

This phone sells for a cool million, and it was created by the Gresso company. Unlike the novelty expensive phones made by other phone designers, this phone designer and producer is quite well known for making expensive phones. But, how does the company justify charging a million dollars? They claim that the materials used to make up the device are so expensive, that they are forced to charge a million. The device has pure gold in it (24ct) and also has black diamonds in it. Black diamonds can be altered in a lab to look black, but real naturally occurring black diamonds are rare. It is also made up of 200-year-old African Blackwood. The case of the device has 180 grams of 24ct gold, plus its front is covered with black diamonds.

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Buy a Ferrari or a phone? Most people are going to opt for the car, but if you already have a garage full of cars, you may fancy this Sony Ericson phone. It is one of their luxury models. It is a well-designed, sleek and original looking phone. It has black diamonds on it, mirror-finish cladding, advanced construction materials and was designed by Garen Joh. It is a very well designed and very well built phone. You will see how your money is going into the phone build as oppose to just expensive decoration. The device is actually quite high tech, which is good because lots of expensive phones are simply expensive decorations.

Vertu Signature Cobra

The phone goes for a bigger and flashier method of decoration. It has a large pear shaped diamond on it, and then has a round diamond and emerald eyes. It has 437 rubies to back up this hideous and tacky display. Nevertheless, the stones are real, hence the $310,000 price tag. Added to which, the phone is not actually very technically able. It is not very advanced and cannot do half the things that most other high end phones can do. In this case it seems that you are just paying for the fancy decorations. The credit for the price tag cannot even go to the person who designed the phone, as nobody has owned up to being the one that stuck a big diamond on a phone and called it a design.

GoldVish Le Million
$1.3 Million

This is partly expensive because of what it is created with and who is was created by. The Goldvish mobile phone was created by a very prominent designer of Swedish descent. He is called Emmanuel Gueit and is prized for making luxurious phones. The phone that he deigned more recently was called the Goldvish Le Million and it was sold to a Russian man for 1.3 million dollars. This makes it the fifth most expensive phone on the market in the world. The diamonds on the phone are of a very good quality, and there are a total of 120 of them. The white gold is 18ct and it is white gold to help show off the very bright and sparkling diamonds.

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